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Booth 9D16

23-27 Feb


"My life sometimes feels like one long relay race between obsessive hobbies and so-called ambition. When at first I decided “I’m going to write”, I ended up spending all my time painting, so when I thought “right, I’m going to paint”, I spent all my time making little dub videos, then I thought “ok then, I’ll focus videos”, so naturally I started drawing again…"

Isa Toledo in interview for

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Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão 18-B

1350-315 Lisbon

Monday to friday, 10.30 AM to 8 PM

Saturday, 10.30 AM to 7 PM

Lunch break between 1 and 2 PM.

T: +351 213 830 834

M : +351 917 250 033

Galeria Miguel Nabinho – Lisboa 20 began in 2000 as a pioneering project in Portugal.


Its exhibitions took place in spaces chosen by the artists themselves, and thus meant the gallery space (which was not fixed) would be the most appropriate location for the works on show.

In February 2003, we opened a space in Campo de Ourique where we have held exhibitions and keep our depository of works for sale by all the artists we represent.

By now Galeria Miguel Nabinho works with some of the most important Portuguese artists, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Ana Jotta, Luísa Cunha, Salomé Lamas,... Internationally, Galeria Miguel Nabinho – Lisboa 20 has grown, and since 2009 has been participating in International Art Fairs.

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